They said the cabin had a fireplace.

I was looking for a cabin to rent for the winter.

My fiance plus I wanted to transfer up north, however all of us were running out of time.

Every one of us had forgotten how hastily fall plus Winter time arrived, since all of us haven’t lived up north for over many decades. Every one of us started talking to strange realtors in hopes of finding the perfect cabin that all of us could rent with the option to buy. Every one of us thought all of us found the cabin all of us wanted when the last realtor called. She said she had a cabin that had a fireplace. I was so excited I couldn’t speak. There was a new HVAC idea installed in the house, however the fireplace was the added something that all of us wanted. Every one of us knew that when the snow flew, it was highly likely that all of us could lose power. A fireplace was going to be perfect for us. Every one of us would not need to worry about going separate from heat. Every one of us weren’t used to the cold. When all of us got to the house, I was so disappointed that I nearly cried. The fireplace turned out to be nothing more than a sizable space heater, encased in a fireplace facade. I told the realtor all of us needed to keep looking. I wanted a real fireplace plus not a fake one that would not labor if all of us lost our power. I couldn’t believe that another realtor would advertise the cabin as having a fireplace when it wasn’t a fireplace. It took another couple weeks before all of us found the cabin all of us chose to rent, however it wasn’t a cabin all of us were willing to buy, even though it had a fireplace.

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