We opted to get a HEPA filter after adopting a puppy

My fiance was going to be so surprised with the gift I got her for her birthday. We had visited a friend some time back, and I saw how much she loved playing with the dog in the house. I’d never been fond of pets, but I knew this was something she’d love. The same friend called me a few weeks back to let me know her dog had given birth. I’d messaged her to let me know so that we could adopt one of the puppies. I left work early and drove to her home to pick up the puppy once she was ready. I kept slowing down the whole drive home to make sure the puppy was safe in her crate. I arrived home and asked my fiance to come outside and help me with some groceries. I was still in the car when she opened the back seat and screamed when she saw the adorable puppy. We spent the night getting to know our little fur baby and had to call the AC specialist the next day. As we were playing, we noticed how much the puppy shed, so we began talking about the air conditioning in our home. Our friend had told us they had to change to the HEPA filter once they adopted their dogs. It was much better at clearing the air and keeping the space free from pet dander. WE did the same and instructed the AC specialist to change the air filter to the HEPA model, which was more effective.

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