Why doesn’t this HEPA air filter fit?

My fiance has been having a lot of difficulties with his dust irritations lately.

I had study that by simply installing a HEPA air filter into your gas furnace or a/c unit, you could unlink a lot of allergens from your air.

I went to the home center as well as asked if they carried HEPA air filters for my a/c unit? As soon as I got the HEPA air filter home, I put it in the a/c unit. I couldn’t suppose the HEPA air filter wouldn’t fit. I called the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier to see if I needed a specialty sized HEPA air filter for my a/c unit. They asked me for the serial number of my AC unit? The Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech told me that my a/c component was not made to accept a HEPA air filter. I had to have some customizing done to my AC component before I could use a HEPA. I had no method what he was talking about. He explained that if I were to put a HEPA into my AC unit, I would need to have a larger as well as heavier fan. Without a larger fan, I wouldn’t be able to get enough airflow, as well as my a/c component could end up being injured beyond repair. This I understood. He told me they made portable UV air purifiers, which could be used in whatever room my fiance was in. If the portable UV air purifier worked, I could consistently have revisions made to the AC unit, as well as then I could use the HEPA, however it was going to be high-priced.



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