Why i dislike take out joints

One thing about take out food joints appreciate pizza locations, etc that I dislike is the way their heating, ventilation & A/C is.

They always seem to have the worst heat & a/c. It does not mater what time of the year that it is. If it is winter, these locations are always freezing freezing & in the Summer they are appreciate satan’s inferno. They need to stop being so cheap & invest in good heating, ventilation & A/C. I genuinely know for the employees of these locations mostly. How can they labor in these conditions with the heating & the air conditioning being so horrible? I can maybe understand how they can get by in the winter, but in the Summer when the air conditioning is needed with all those tepid ovens & stuff going in pizza joints for instance, it is no wonder people are not dropping dead of heat strokes. Heating & air conditioning is particularly pressing in locations appreciate this. But it seems take out joints never seem to want to invest the money needed to have quality heating, ventilation & A/C. Heating & air conditioning is what makes this world go round some people say. And I would maybe half agree with that statement. Heating & air conditioning has become the way all of us all survive extreme hot & cold temperatures. Our bodies are not used to anything else. And these fast food & take out joints genuinely need to take notice to this! We need quality heating, ventilation & A/C to live in every day life in this century. The sooner they realise this, the better.

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