Why i hate take out joints

One thing about take out food joints prefer pizza places, etc that I hate is the way their heating & air conditioning is.

They always seem to have the worst heat plus air conditioning.

It does not mater what time of the year that it is. If it is winter, these places are always cold cold plus in the Summer they are prefer satan’s inferno. They need to stop being so cheap plus invest in good heating & air conditioning. I entirely think for the employees of these places mostly. How can they labor in these conditions with the heating plus the air conditioning being so horrible? I can maybe understand how they can get by in the winter, however in the Summer when the air conditioning is needed with all those sizzling ovens plus stuff going in pizza joints for instance, it is no wonder people are not dropping dead of heat strokes. Heating plus air conditioning is absolutely important in places prefer this. But it seems take out joints never seem to want to invest the money needed to have quality heating & air conditioning. Heating plus air conditioning is what makes this world go round some people say. And I would maybe half agree with that statement. Heating plus air conditioning has become the way we all survive drastic temperatures. Our bodies are not used to anything else. And these fast food plus take out joints entirely need to take notice to this! Every one of us need quality heating & air conditioning to live in every afternoon life in this century. The sooner they realise this, the better.

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