2 year supply of furnace filters

I had just signed a new contract with a modern company plus everything is going great! I had lost my previous job because of the pandemic, the company saw it better to lay employees off rather than bear the burden of closing shop! I was devastated but never gave up on applying for jobs plus reaching out to our network! When I finally landed this task as a heating corporation with this incredible company, I was blissful.

  • My boss was amazing and regularly encouraging and motivating his employees.

We felt empowered. I was living in a shabby neighbourhood before, now I could afford a nice place that I had just started placing our special touch on! So far, I have assisted in numerous condo services and have given help with indoor comfort to numerous homeowners. Furnace/heater tune-ups are so far our favourite services to offer whenever we visit any customer site. Just last week, our supervisor asked me to accompany him to install a modern electric heat pump. I must confess this heating plan is taking the heating and A/C industry by storm. When we were on our way back from doing an annual heat pump service at a customer’s house, I invited the heating corporation, who is also our boss, for supper at our house, but his wife could not stop gawking at our fireplace. I had just had it installed more for aesthetics, but besides that, I had a dual fuel plan which was our main heating and A/C system. I was fortunate to have gotten a free two years supply of furnace filters when we bought the oil furnace from the heating dealer. To keep the temperature moderate, I got myself a digital temperature control. We did care about our supper plus laughed at the embarrassing experiences all of us had at work.

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