Common commercial HVAC system issues you need to understand

Commercial HVAC systems are not very different from residential units in the sense that they also need regular HVAC maintenance.

Ignoring your unit can be a disastrous mistake.

However, some of these minor issues tend to get out of hand when left unattended. Fortunately, identifying some of the common heating and cooling issues early could save your commercial air conditioner. It is important for budding owners to have an idea of what the issues will be so that they can act fast. One of the common issues you are likely to face as a commercial HVAC system owner is maintenance concerns. If you are not keen about following up on maintenance practices then you should be prepared to replace the entire unit or repair it if the damage is too much. Have a professional HVAC technician that comes around very once in a while to check and verify that the commercial heating and cooling unit runs as it should. The unit should be thoroughly serviced at least once a year. Another common issue with these systems is the fact that they tend to have clogged filters. Since you may not always be there to keep tabs with filter changes, appoint one of the people in the building to follow up on this. Filters should be changed regularly to support airflow which ensures that the unit works as it should. Prioritize cleaning the HVAC unit in general, focusing on the condenser and evaporator coils which are some of the areas that accumulate a lot of dust and debris.


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