I met a really cute HVAC technician at the store the other day

The other day when I was out shopping, I met a super cute guy in the shampoo aisle at the store. He was wearing a uniform from an HVAC company here in town and the name sewn onto his shirt was Brad. I started talking to him and he asked me out for a date. I told him that I wasn’t available for that weekend but that maybe we could get together and set something up for the following weekend. I really liked him, but then I ended up losing his number. I dropped my phone into the toilet shortly after we met and I lost all of my saved contacts. I was so mad! I thought that it must just not be meant to be, because there was no way for me to contact him and I couldn’t remember which HVAC company he worked for, either. Anyway, as luck would have it, my central air conditioning system went on the blink and even though it’s the end of the summer, I decided to go ahead and make an appointment to get it fixed. I certainly didn’t want a broken A/C sitting down in my basement all winter, taunting me. I made an appointment with one of the local heating and cooling companies here in town, and guess what? The HVAC technician who showed up at my door to fix my air conditioning was none other than Brad, the guy who I had met in the shampoo aisle at the store! I was so excited to see him and tell him what had happened!

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