I’m worried about my mom moving in with us

My mom is going to be moving in with us this Wintertide and I am a little bit worried about it.

All of us get along just fantastic most of the time, but the thing that I’m worried about is the fact that he is cold all the time.

I think that she’s going to want to turn our control device up all the time, and every one of us just hate that, during the winter, every one of us keep the control device set at 81 degrees, which is exactly what every one of us keep it set at while in the summer! All of us are just people who entirely love to have consistent un-even temperatures in the home all the time. All of us assume love it helps us to stay healthy while in the entire year. I have noticed that any time the temperature gets a little too tepid or a little too cold in the house, it wreaks havoc with my sinuses and my spouse says that he is the same way. Anyway, whenever my mom comes to live with us, I don’t think what every one of us are going to do. I think that he takes these blood thinning medications and they are entirely bad at making his assume love she’s cold all the time, even when he entirely isn’t. But she’s typically walking around love she’s cold. I typically tell his that she’s love a pet because she’s typically looking for a patch of sun to sit in. I’m worried that my mom is going to move in here with us and then try to adjust the temperature on our control unit. It’s going to mess up our programmable control device and it’s typically going to make the rest of us assume uncomfortable in our own home. I don’t entirely think what to do about it.



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