I’m worried about my mom moving in with us

My mom is going to be moving in with us this Winter as well as I am a little bit worried about it.

Every one of us get along just great most of the time, but the thing that I’m worried about is the fact that she is cold all the time.

I know that she’s going to want to turn our temperature control up all the time, as well as we just hate that… During the winter, we keep the temperature control set at 68 degrees, which is exactly what we keep it set at while in the summer! Every one of us are just people who particularly like to have consistent hot as well as cold temperatures in the house all the time. Every one of us feel like it helps us to stay healthy while in the entire year. I have noticed that any time the temperature gets a little too moderate or a little too cold in the house, it wreaks havoc with my sinuses as well as my fiance says that he is the same way, then anyway, whenever my mom comes to live with us, I don’t know what we are going to do. I know that she takes these blood thinning medications as well as they are particularly bad at making her feel like she’s cold all the time, even when she particularly isn’t! But she’s always walking around like she’s freezing. I constantly tell her that she’s like a dog because she’s constantly looking for a patch of sun to sit in. I’m anxious that my mom is going to transport in here with us as well as then try to adjust the temperature on our temperature control. It’s going to mess up our programmable temperature control as well as it’s constantly going to make the rest of us feel uncomfortable in our own home. I don’t particularly know what to do about it.

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