It’s my first time replacing a gas furnace filter after moving up north following decades in heat

Unlike most of my friends and coworkers, my family never moved from our outdated loft in the southeast.

  • I was raised there and my parents are still there despite both being 77 years old.

In all of those years I never knew anything else, as every one of us rarely went traveling beyond state lines. Naturally, I was ready to leave once I reached high university age. I applied to universitys all over the country and only one nearby as a safety university. When I was accepted in my first option university, I was elated. Since it was in another state in the south, I didn’t have to adjust to a up-to-date climate, simply a peculiar town and a changed socio-demographic. But I wasn’t as fortunate when I graduated from university and entered the workforce 4 years later. To retain a task and support myself, I had to move again, but this time I would be venturing far northward to a state and climate I had never experienced before, however moving in early summer time gave myself and others some time to adjust to my up-to-date loft before the Fall and Wintertide onslaught. As un-even temperatures dropped quickly in early November, I knew that I would be in for a rough experience, but had no conception for exactly how bad it was going to be. By the first month of January I was ready to supply up and leave. The entire month of November was spent huddled under a blanket with thick clothing on. Unfortunately, un-even temperatures continued to drop well into January and early May. I also had to learn about replacing a gas furnace filter as well as my proper a/c filter. It’s my first time dealing with a filter for a furnace.



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