My heat pump ductless mini split HVAC will replace a space heater and a window a/c

My girlfriend has been staying with me at my apartment on and off over the past six weeks.

I have tried my best to be better about not leaving clutter or garbage out on counters and other surfaces, but it has been a difficult transition. My parents were used to living in clutter, although our house was sanitized weekly and wasn’t a petri dish like others I’ve been in. Still, I’m happy that my messiness is slowly improving, regardless of the reasons why. My girlfriend doesn’t know that I used to be worse before she moved in, but as long as I keep improving, I don’t see why she should know about me stacking garbage in the corner of my kitchen for several days at a time. Thankfully I have made other improvements in my life since my girlfriend started staying here, including with the heating and cooling. For the longest time this apartment simply had a window a/c for cooling purposes and a space heater for heating purposes. I started looking at catalogs for ductless mini split heat pumps that can handle both heating and cooling purposes. These systems are a lot pricier than one might imagine, with $3k being a common starting point for a quality ductless mini split heat pump. It took finding a company that was offering payment plans if I wanted to have the ability to afford one myself. After using it for several weeks and experiencing the difference, I’m glad that I purchased the ductless mini split heat pump to replace my space heater and window air conditioner.


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