We are going to be hosting a fall football kickoff party

This year, we are going to be hosting a fall football kickoff party and I want to make sure that our HVAC system is performing correctly before the date arrives.

The last time that we had a party, our heating system wasn’t working correctly and everyone in the house was cold! I had to go around giving out blankets and slippers and that was pretty embarrassing.

Whenever you are hosting a party, you want all of your guests to be comfortable! Unfortunately for us, last time, we were really embarrassed in front of all of our friends. So this year, we are going to make sure that that problem doesn’t happen again! I have already called our local HVAC company and made an appointment for them to come and double check both our heating system and our central air conditioning system. I want to be ready for anything when it comes to the weather this year. Around here where we live, you just don’t ever know what the outside temperatures are going to be and I want to make sure that we are all prepared. I think that once the HVAC technician comes and does a thorough tune up and maintenance check on the heating and cooling system, I will feel much better about the fall football kickoff party. After we get that part taken care of, all I will need to worry about is the food that we are going to serve that day. I think that we will probably end up making wings because everyone seems to love them. I may end up ordering a few pizzas too.



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