Weather patterns have been messed up

Global warming sure has messed up today’s weather patterns.

The day started undoubtedly wonderfully and sunny.

I almost did not see the need of carrying a coat to work, but I did anyway. That day, we had a couple of works lined up with multiple of the works an hour away from the office, and we tied up these far works for the last works of the day. One of the works was installing an electric heat pump while the other was a little more complex. It involved replacing the dual fuel system and executing a gas furnace/heater tune-up. It would be a busy day, so we started by getting coffee on our way to the first work of the day. The day went well and the work was seamless. We were even lucky enough to offer a free digital control component courtesy of the local heating dealer, however he had donated it to the children’s home in town, but by the time we got to our last customer’s house, the weather had changed, it had started getting cold. The heating business got to work installing the new heating component after the heating business had removed the old and beaten up gas furnace, but just when we finished setting up the unit, the heavens opened up and rain started pouring. The homeowner started the fireplace and gave us warm cocoa with cookies. We shared some important home repair guidelines including the importance of heat pump repair and officially changing the gas furnace filter to help with indoor comfort. The rain was pouring for a whole hour before it died down enough for us to see while driving back to the office. He was one of the pleasant customers.


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