When I grew up I became a HVAC technician

When growing up, I saw how my parents struggled to care for us and my grandfather, my granddad was a handful! He suffered from Parkinson and also had Alzheimer.

  • This meant that he needed round the clock care and with my parents both now working full-time jobs, there were a lot of accidents that could have been avoided if we had a caretaker for him! When a seniors’ home opened up in town, my family suggested that it would be better to admit our granddad there.

They were right because granddad seemed to love the place and the friends he made there, we would visit him every other weekend. Later when we grew up and had careers, I specialized as a heating worker, we decided to supply back to our community. I had my own home repair corporation that provided help with indoor comfort to all property owners, residential and commercial alike, but after assessing the quality of interior comfort at the home. We established that it needed a new heating unit. The dual fuel system that was there was no longer efficiently serving the growing number of patients. The heating supplier delivered the new furnace and the latest digital thermostat. The management could not hold their excitement when the heating supplier began with the installation process. At least the new equipment would boost the effects from the old fireplace in the kneeling area. To maintain the new system, we suggested the management to watch the proper heat pump repair which involves proper furnace/heater tune-ups and frequently replacing the furnace filter to improve the function of the furnace. The seniors at the home were absolutely appreciative as they were now warmer while I was in the freezing winter time.

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