Avoid the mid winter gas furnace headache

The bill was just as I expected, steep.

There is just something about being scared awake that I particularly just hate. But then again, I just don’t like surprises. That means no surprise birthday parties or anything of the sort. So when you hear that gas furnace make some hideous noise in the middle of the night, it’ll scare you awake. And that is definitely what happened to me. One minute I’m in snooze land and the next I’m racing for the basement door. In between there I somehow levitated out of the bed, found my robe and got my heart out of my throat. By the time I got to the basement, I could tell there was something very much not right with the furnace. The smell was weird like really hot metal. I tried to get it to fire back up but that gas furnace just wasn’t budging. It was in the teens outside so I had no choice but to call the HVAC company for emergency HVAC service. I knew this bill was going to be steep with the added after hours charge. At least the HVAC technician was really nice. He found the problem immediately and got us back in the HVAC heating business. The bill was just as I expected, steep. But the worst was when the HVAC professional told me that they would have caught that during heating maintenance had I remembered to call. The next morning, my first call was to the HVAC company to sign up for the HVAC service plan. I definitely won’t be missing any more seasonal HVAC maintenance appointments.



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