Dedication to physical fitness

I consider my physical fitness a regular task of the day.

Much like brushing my teeth or washing my hair, I take time out to focus on exercise every single day.

My health is a priority and I combine nutritious meals, plenty of sleep, good hydration habits and skin care with regular workouts. I have been a vegetarian for nearly twenty years, and I avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and processed foods. Because I exercise for approximately an hour and incorporate all the different muscle groups, I maintain my strength, flexibility, stamina and weight. I am conscientious about a thorough warm up, stretching and cool down. I focus heavily on calorie burn and toning. I’ve learned that I can offset fatigue, get rid of headaches and alleviate depression, stress, stiffness and soreness with strenuous training sessions. Because I’ve always been active and in good physical condition, I sometimes push my body too far. I am not good about allowing my joints and muscles to rest. I tend to workout even when I’m injured or sick. I’ve gone for long runs when I’m congested, nauseous or suffering a fever. I’ve come home from a run and felt much worse. I often take longer than I should to get over minor injuries because I aggravate them with constant exercise. Too much running caused me issues with plantar fasciitis. Too much jumping rope led to leg cramps during the night. I’ve torn my trapezius muscle lifting too much weight and strained my psoas muscle from overworking it. I definitely enjoy more benefits than drawbacks from my dedication to fitness.

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