Deer dragging sled proves invaluable

My tree stand is located way back in the woods.

Because of heavy vegetation, it’s impossible to access it with any type of ATV or motorized vehicle.

The walk is long and tiring. I cover inclines, navigate through brambles, step over fallen logs and cross a shallow stream. However, it is a perfect spot to hunt white-tail deer. It becomes a problem when I need to pull a trophy buck out of the woods. I don’t want to damage the hide or injure myself. I am reluctant to inconvenience my hunting buddies by calling them for assistance. Fortunately, a rather recent development in hunting equipment has solved this issue. I’ve invested into a deer dragging sled that has proven to be a necessity. I never head into the woods without it. The hauling device is lightweight and folds into a very compact shape. It features a heavy-duty tie-down rope for securing items. It comes in handy if I need it to haul heavy gear to my tree stand. It’s especially beneficial for hauling game out of the woods. It prevents contamination. Constructed of polyethylene for durability, the dragging sled easily travels over uneven ground. It doesn’t snag on rocks or get caught up in thorny bushes. It makes light work of an otherwise very challenging job. I can then hose the dragging system off in a matter of minutes. I’ve found that it is ideal for both hunting and fishing. The dragging sled was not overly expensive and yet has become a valuable piece of my hunting equipment.

Drag-M Hang-M