Efficiently heating my home with radiant heated floors

When I agreed to sell my home, I wanted to make some energy-efficient improvements that would greatly boost the home’s value while also significantly reducing my monthly energy bills.

The first thing I did was substitute all of the single pane windows with aluminum frames with double pane windows with vinyl frames, which do a much better job of protecting the home.

Next I replaced a smart temperature control with zone control, which lets me remotely program the temperature control, and allows me to direct the flow of air throughout the home, so that energy is not wasted treating vacant rooms. My number one upgrade I made was installing radiant heated floors throughout the house. Radiant heated floors are installed underneath the existing flooring, making little to no visual change to the floors themselves. Radiant heated floors use a heating element that radiates heat throughout the house, helping to maintain a consistent temperature. Since the floors radiate heat to keep the home warm, my Heating and A/C plan doesn’t have to be working as hard to keep the house at the desired temperature. The upgrade was quick, and the difference in the floor is barely noticeable, and looks pretty much the same. Radiant heated floors are not only energy efficient, but the experience of waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and walking on a warm floor is a pleasure like no other! Whether you want to make energy-efficient (and luxurious) improvements to your house, talk to your local heating and cooling expert to discover if radiant heated flooring is suitable for you!