Family picture day went well

For a long time, my wife has been saying we need family pictures.

We finally decided to go to a place to get nice clothes for everybody. My sons and I all chose to wear suits and my wife and daughters wore dresses. We all had a very nice match going on and we were all looking amazing on the day of our pictures. Everybody had fresh air cuts and everybody was looking stylish. The only negative thing was that it was on a hot day. We had to keep the temperature control settings just right while we were getting ready so we were not becoming sweaty. Fortunately, the A/C system was working great the whole time. We cranked the A/C on the way to the studio and we took some of the best family pictures ever. The thing that helped was the fact that their A/C system was cranked very high. The place was absolutely comfortable. Our youngest daughter complained that it was a little bit chilly, but she warmed up soon enough. I thought it was just right, especially since I was wearing multiple layers with my suit, and same with the boys. Since we were successful with the picture taking and everybody behaved appropriately, I decided to take everybody out to a buffet for lunch. I just figured that would be better so everybody could just pick out what they wanted to eat. The temperature control was also nice at the buffet and we took our time and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Honestly, we’ll have to go back to this buffet more often.

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