Father was happy being able to cut out the HVAC professionals

When my father was telling me that he had to upgrade his HVAC system soon, he was bothered because he didn’t want to spend so much money. He was saying how all the local HVAC companies were always trying to rip everybody off. He said when he got a few quotes from the HVAC company for ductless mini splits, they all wanted to charge him around $4,000 for the installation. I coughed when I heard that price and I said that was crazy. I asked my father if he knew there were DIY ductless mini splits that could be installed without an HVAC professional. He looked at me in disbelief and said, “You mean we could install one of these things on our own and save all that money?” I told him that was exactly what we could do and I would help him for sure. I showed him the ductless mini splits online and they weren’t even that costly to be honest. I might have to install one of these at my home as well when my HVAC system dies on me. So he ordered the ductless mini split he wanted and we got to work when it was delivered. The hardest part of the installation was actually drilling the holes through the walls. You have to drill through the outer walls to the outside to push the lineset connections through. You have to do this for every zone that you choose to have in your home. Of course if you have a large home, you can order the extension line sets for a fair price. So we hooked up this thing and it worked perfectly when we were done. I’ve never seen my father so happy.



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