Gardening mistake almost cost us a heat pump

It was a near miss for sure.

I know if we’d have left that tarp over the HVAC cabinet overnight, we’d be paying for a new HVAC unit.

That didn’t happen. My wife and I are big time gardeners. The whole time we were working our careers, we still had a decent little garden. But when we retired, we sort of went crazy with our bit of land. It was just really easy to do that because my wife and I just kept coming up with more plans. So now, we spend more time outside of the HVAC comfort of our homes some days than we spend in it. But that’s the nice thing about being retired, time is to be scheduled so much anymore. Our garden is now really something. We expanded the vegetable garden part into an ornamental garden. We’ve done some pretty beautiful installations that should continue be beautiful as it matures. However, the vegetable garden part still needs attention and we tend to get behind on the weeding. So one day, we got out of the air conditioning early in the morning to tag team the weeding. Before I even really knew what had happened, my wife tossed a tarp that fully covered the HVAC equipment next to the house. And that’s where we were dumping the weeds to then haul off to the mulch pile. Suddenly, it dawned on me that we were covering the HVAC unit and it couldn’t get the air flow it needed. I whipped that tarp off and all our pulled weeds from the garden went flying. But we saved the HVAC unit.


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