Got an HVAC education by watching the HVAC technician

We belong to the HVAC service plan offered by our local HVAC company.

This is just an excellent plan that centers around HVAC maintenance in order to get the most from the HVAC equipment.

Consistent seasonal HVAC maintenance not only ensures that the HVAC unit is working at top efficiency, it also maximizes HVAC unit longevity. And with our HVAC service plan, if there is a breakdown with the heating and cooling equipment, all I have to pay for is the parts. Additionally, the HVAC company emails me with the HVAC maintenance dates and all I have to do is confirm those dates online. When I got the heating maintenance dates, it fell on a day off. I confirmed the date with the HVAC company and then I got an idea. HVAC had always sort of fascinated me but I really didn’t understand just how a heat pump worked. So when the HVAC tech showed up to do the heating maintenance on the heat pump, I asked if I could watch. This guy is always so cool that I felt comfortable asking him this favor. And of course, he was fine with me tagging along. But really, it was fascinating to learn what the heat pump does and the physics that go along with the heat pump. I finally understood just how the engineering married up with the physics of moving heat energy from one place to another. I’d recommend tagging along with your HVAC technician next time they come out to do HVAC maintenance.


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