Great HVAC essentially sold our house

I started talking about selling the house when our youngest was a senior in highschool. But my wife was having exactly none of that sort of talk. It was far too early to even consider selling the family home. So I backed off a bit but I sure didn’t forget about it. I started up again on the selling the house subject as our youngest was almost through college. This time my wife was receptive. She knew that just the cost of heating and cooling a big house for two people was stupid. The house we called home was meant for raising kids in. My wife finally got that and we started actively working toward getting the house on the market. My sister is a realtor in the region and she was an amazing resource. Where we live, the weather and the climate are a big deal. That’s because our region demands some great HVAC cooling. It’s hot here and it’s hot for much of the year. The bonus is the winter months for sure but the summer is brutal. So my sister tuned me into the fact that prospective buyers were looking for turn key homes that had great HVAC. Our old HVAC was nearing the end so I went ahead and got the HVAC company involved. They helped me set the house up with the very latest in HVAC technology for residential HVAC. The result was that our house was on the market for exactly a week before there was a bidding war. We ended up selling the house for well over the asking price and the HVAC equipment had everything to do with that.

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