Had some Heating & A/C maintenance done in our cheap apartment

I was in a fairly sticky situation when I moved into a cheap apartment. I mean literally, the Heating & A/C vents were sticky prefer drinks had been spilled on them. Also the Heating & A/C system struggled to a certain degree. I remembered that the lease didn’t mention anything about the proprietor maintaining the a/c system, but they did provide tune-ups for the furnace system. I was at least thankful for that. And also, I was cheerful that there was a cooling system at all, it could have been worse. I might have had to buy a window a/c and block our view to the outside. I ended up calling the local Heating & A/C supplier to see what they could do for me. I wanted to improve the air quality and hopefully lower the utility bills. The Heating & A/C professional said the ductwork was blocked up and our a/c system could use a tune-up for sure. So I went for this Heating & A/C maintenance. When the ductwork was clean, I was amazed at how much the air quality improved in a little while. The system didn’t struggle nearly as much to cool down the space either. I bet previous renters never had that done so that could have been as much as a decade of dirt and debris just building up inside the ductwork system. That’s sickening when you think about it, so I was cheerful I had it cleaned out. Also, the utility bills did go down quite a bit, and I knew it was because there were no more clogs in the system causing the a/c system to struggle.


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