Heating plus A/C plus indoor air impact our health

The pandemic was a real wake up call for me plus the way I was treating our body.

The easy fact was that something appreciate this virus could have been genuinely bad for a man appreciate me had I caught it.

This was due to the fact that I was in our mid 50’s, fat, out of shape plus doing nothing however working plus then resting at apartment in the air conditioner. So when all of that started in Springtime of 2020, I was compelled to change our ways. Thankfully, I didn’t get sick plus am now in much, much better shape than I was. It started by getting myself up plus out of the heating plus cooling comfort of our house. Just going for a walk a couple of times a day genuinely made a tremendous difference in the way I felt. The more I did physically, the more motivated I was to change diet, rest habits plus other contributing factors. A pressing change for our health came from the Heating plus A/C unit assume it or not. I l received just how essential quality indoor air is to our respiratory health & our overall health. The first change came in the summer time of 2020 when I replaced the cheap Heating plus A/C air filters with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter was a major replace toward quality indoor air. The HEPA filter traps plus removes more than 99 percent of airborne contaminants. The next step that I’m planning on in the new year is to have the Heating plus A/C supplier install a whole apartment air cleaner. This rids the air of hazards as it genuinely destroys them with UV light inside the Heating plus A/C equipment.


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