Hope she is still looking out for us

It was the saddest thing when our mother-in-law passed away.

She became a strong presence in our life welcoming myself and others with open arms to the family.

It was never a dull moment hanging out with her plus all of us talked about various interesting things. The two of us even agreed on particular things prefer the temperature control settings in the house plus the fact that the air quality should always be on point with a nice UV whole-house air purifier. My wifey used to get mad when she would side with myself and others when I was saying that the temperature control settings were just right in the house. The two of us finally chose to commemorate our mother-in-law with a charming stone bench with an superb view of the landscape across from our property. The two of us also planted a lilac bush as that was one of her number one things, the stink of those flowers. She always enjoyed the Springtime season as well, plus I’ll never forget how she would call myself and others up just to tell myself and others to remember to have our cooling method tuned up so all of us would be comfortable in the summer time season. I’m not going to lie, I did forget about getting the tune-up a few times, however thanks to her all of us never missed out on that essential Heating as well as A/C service. The two of us could have been in various uncomfortable situations because of our mistakes, but she was always there to remind myself and others or help myself and others out with whatever. We’ll all love her forever plus I hope she continues to look out for us even while she is in Heaven.
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