I completely changed the way I treated the A/C and heater

When I lived with my parents, I kind of used the air conditioning component recklessly. It didn’t matter what temperature it was outside, or how much it cost, if I was in the mood for heating or cooling, I was getting it, thankfully, my parents were easily patient and relaxed, and as long as I didn’t do anything to really damage the air conditioning unit, such as overwork it, they didn’t mind much. When I moved out on my own, that completely changed once I realized how much HVAC bills can add up to. I started being a lot more conscious about how I was using the HVAC device, and started using it more wisely. I started to only use the air conditioning on certainly hot days or nights, and for the rest, I would use my ceiling fans in my home. On particularly hot days, if I still didn’t want to use the cooling machine, then we would have a desk fan running and the ceiling fan. With those two combined, it made a big enough difference where I didn’t have to use the air conditioning or furnace system. I did pretty much the same with my furnace unit, unless it was an incredibly frosty day, I tried not to use the furnace all that much, and just used blankets and sweaters in its place. With these methods I saved a lot of money on my heating and air conditioning bills. I even called my parents and thanked them for letting me use the HVAC component so much at their site, I had no idea it cost nearly as much as it did.


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