I decided to DIY my furnace

I live in a warmer weather conditions, and really only need to run my gas furnace for a few months out of the year, if at all, because of this, I rarely worry about my gas furnace, as it has always turned on when I needed it to, and last fall, but, both of us had an unusually cold weekend, and when I went to turn my gas furnace on, I only felt cold air coming out of my vents, naturally, I did what I always do when something breaks, and turned to YouTube, but the man in the video made it look easy enough- detach the defective part, upgrade it with a new one, and the gas furnace should be working like new.

I went to the hardware store and bought the new part, and removing the defective area was easy, and when I got the new piece in, but, my gas furnace was still blowing cold air.

I spent the rest of the day watching more YouTube videos and buying more HVAC parts, although I couldn’t get my gas furnace to come back on. That night, my family had to sleep with the space heaters on just to stay warm. In the morning, I finally decided to call my local HVAC provider, and ask for help. They were able to send out an HVAC worker quickly, and he had my gas furnace warming my home in no time. The HVAC worker told me that the best way to prevent that from happening again was to schedule proper inspection and maintenance of my system. Next time something breaks, I will skip the YouTube videos, and call a professional right away.

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