I know this sounds desperate

I realize that this sounds pretty desperate, and maybe a little bit sad, but I think I’m in love with my HVAC technician. See, last week when my heating system tore up and I made an appointment with my local HVAC company, I never dreamed that the technician that they would send out would be so handsome and adorable. However, over this past year it’s been really difficult to meet new people because everything has been closed down and I haven’t even been going into the office every day because of Covid. In other words, when you are a young woman looking for love, it’s hard to find somebody when you are trapped at home all the time! And maybe it’s just because it was the right place at the right time, but whenever the HVAC technician showed up at my house to fix my heating system, it was almost like there was a light from above shining down on his head. Yes, I am completely aware that things that happen in movies don’t really happen in real life, but he looked so cute in his HVAC company uniform that I could not take my eyes off of him. Not only that, but he was really knowledgeable about my heating and cooling system and he seemed like he was really smart. He had my furnace back up and running within about half an hour of arriving in my house. Intelligence is a big thing for me and so that just made him all that more attractive. I know that it sounds a little bit desperate, but I think I’m gonna call up the HVAC company and make another appointment just so you will come back again this week!

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