I really need to hire a maid as soon as possible

I really consistently wanted to have youngsters, however when I was imagining having many youngsters, there were 2 large things that I didn’t plan. One, how several I ended up having at the time, and more than one, just how messy they were! I feel like I enjoy most of our morning cleaning up after their messes, and even after I finally tell them, time and time again, to chance up their messes, they either forget or don’t listen or something like that. However, they’re getting better, and I saw our eldest child picking up after himself, then either way, after I was promoted in our job, I did not have enough time to chance up their messes anymore, and I totally needed someone who could look after them and their messes. Usually our youngest child would do it, although she is now going to college and is away from home. So I decided to look for a maid for hire. I searched up and down for maid maintenance online, and was able to find a web page that affixes a cleaning lady with the right family. I particularly searched for a maid who would be okay with babysitting and cleaning, and although it took me a very long while, I finally found someone who was willing to do it. I met with the deep cleaning lady a couple of times first, and afterwards I started letting her watch the little kids. Thankfully, she was a natural and got along with the youngsters so well. As for her cleaning, I don’t guess what cleaning products she uses, however it odors great. Some prefer peach cinnamon. Also the carpet stain cleaner she used to clean up our kid’s spills is amazing. I would have never really known there was a stain there if she hadn’t told me.
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