I Slept So Well Last Night with my Window Open in the Wintertime

I tend to be a hot sleeper and find myself waking up in a pool of sweat sometimes in the mornings.

I like to have my fan on every night for white noise and to keep me cooler but it doesn’t work well enough.

Last night I opened my window in my bedroom and slept so much better. I think it was about 45 F last night outside but my room was the perfect temperature with my window open. I bet most people would freeze to death if they did this but for me it seems like the best option. I even run the window air conditioner in the winter if my room feels too hot. My bedroom is very small and I think my body makes for a good space heater, warming up the room to a balmy 75 F in the wintertime. Maybe it’s because I play a lot of sports and my metabolism is quite fast, causing me to sweat a lot when I sleep. We hardly ever need to run the heater in this house except for when my girlfriend is too hot in her room. She is either too cold or I am too hot, it’s never quite the right temperature in this place. I’m glad we opted for zone control heating and cooling because now we can control each room separately so both of us remain comfortable. It was worth the extra money we paid when we got it installed and now it is really paying off. Think about these kinds of things when looking to buy an air conditioner or heater for your house.
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