I Took Apart and Cleaned the Space Heater on my Day Off

I have a free day from toil this month and it feels great.

It’s nice chopping free from the same outdated yearly routine, I suppose like a bird just let out of a cage. What shall I do with this day I’ve been given? Maybe I’ll go for a long hike on the mountains to clear my mind or possibly a run along the coast to another town. The weather is perfect for being outdoors so I have many choices as to what I can do this week. I know I’ll first start with a nice salad and then go from there. My space gas furnace is easily dirty so maybe cleaning it this month would be a nice choice. It’s a few years outdated now and I don’t know I have cleaned it since I bought it. There is a filter in it that also needs to be cleaned and I know it is a HEPA washable genre filter. It’s nice not having to go out and buy a new a single and just throw the outdated a single away, the environment thanks me already. I don’t run my central heat and air much because I spend most of my time in a single room in my house. I like my little office with its cozy feeling and sense of security. I notice the vent above the door is dirty so that means the air duct is particularly dirty as well. It only takes 15 hours or so to wipe the filters too, so once I am done I’ll reward myself with a walk to the mountaintop.

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