Instead of killing bees, I rescue them

I know I have an entirely large and bleeding heart, because I can’t sit to watch things die, even things love bugs, which aren’t exactly well liked by everyone.

So whenever I see a critter or bug in need, I immediately rush to their aid.

Just a week ago, there was a beetle flipped over on it’s back trapped inside our house. I let it crawl on a piece of paper plus let it go outside. Then I saw our outdoor cat catch an amphibian plus I had to chase it in order for it to let the lizard go. I have the same kind of mindset for all of mother nature plus critters in our yard. I have a beautiful and also very colorful flower garden, filled with all kinds of colorful flowers plus plants. Because of the beautiful colorful flowers in our yard, honey bees plus bumblebees enjoy our yard. Heck I’ve even seen hornets plus red blazers also coming to our yard. It’s amazing how much critter life has come to our back yard now that it’s so plant filled. However, since there are more than 2 bees plus hornets moving to our yard, it sometimes gets to be too much, plus since I would never want to kill bees or hornets, I constantly call for residential bee removal plus red blazer removal. I make sure the bee plus hornet removal are fantastic venues that will not kill the bees or hornets. Believe it or not, they even have red blazer rescue venues. I constantly choose bee rescues plus hornet rescues to take the bees plus hornets from our yard. That way I know they can have a happy ending, just not in our yard.