It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to save money on HVAC heating

Sometimes, I tend to seriously over think stuff.

This is just my nature and I was one of those people who could just freeze up trying to consider all the implications of doing just about anything.

Fortunately, I’m not nearly as bad as I once was. Still though, I have my moments. And saving on HVAC heating is right there among recent exercises in over thinking. For years, I’ve been wanting to slash the high cost of heating my house. Yet, I just kept paying the bills and biting the inside of my cheek over the costs. In my mind, I thought prepping the house would be such a colossal undertaking that there is no way someone like me could do it. I’m sure no handyman and I extrapolated that fact to me not being able to get the house sealed up. Then a friend of mine simply told me to get over myself and he’d be over to get me started. The first thing we did was to scour the exterior for any places where HVAC treated air could leak out. We marked all of them that we could find so I could come back with caulk and seal them up. Then, it was on to replacing the weather stripping around every entrance to the home. That wasn’t all that tough. Finally, I put down some much needed rolls of additional insulation up in the attic. So I just got the first heating bill of the winter. I was stunned to see what a significant savings there was in our heating costs.

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