Jumping rope is a whole-body workout

I believe that jumping rope is one of the most advantageous types of exercise.

It gets the heart and lungs working, requires endurance, targets multiple muscle groups and provides a full-body workout.

I’m able to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. To be any good at jumping, I needed to practice. I had to be dedicated and determined in order to master the more difficult skills. I got interested in jumping rope after reading a fitness blog. I bought myself a leather jump rope and got started. It was frustrating in the beginning. I kept stepping on the rope, tripping and hitting myself in the back of the legs. I couldn’t even manage to jump for a solid minute without tiring out. However, I steadily improved. I could easily jump for long periods of time and incorporate all different types of jumps. My problem was that the leather rope kept knotting and tangling. I broke several ropes and realized I needed to make an upgrade. I spent a lot more money on a Crossrope system that utilizes a single set of handles that attach to a variety of weighted ropes. Along with the advantage of ropes that don’t tangle, knot or fray and rotate more smoothly, I finally have a rope that is the right length for me. This jump rope system has made a huge improvement for me. I like to experiment with the different weights of ropes. The quarter-pound rope is great for high intensity cardio as it travels very quickly. The half-pound weight slows me down just enough to help with achieving new skills. I’ve recently mastered double-unders and crossovers. The one-pound and two-pound weights are super tiring and really focus on the muscles in the shoulders and arms. Because I jump rope nearly every day, I’ve significantly improved my muscle tone, balance, strength and endurance.

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