Looking back on the summer time comes with HVAC highlights

This past summer time was a whole lot better than the summer time before.

The summer time of 2020 was a struggle no doubt.

We were all dealing with the realities of the pandemic. And I was no stranger to all of that. The offices with the zone controlled HVAC were closed & I was trying to figure out how to work remotely from home. We had a full apartment as the youngsters were out of school & our spouse was working from lake house as well. It was a real challenge not to just lose our mind each afternoon. We took a financial hit to keep our jobs in 2020. So that summer time we, for the first time, tried to save currency on the HVAC costs. Where the two of us live, there definitely aren’t various costs involved with HVAC heating. The heat pump only comes on occasionally so there definitely isn’t much to the heating utilities. That is so the opposite of what happens while the two of us were in the summer. The a/c is on much of the afternoon by March in this section of the country. So summer time comes with a ton of HVAC cooling. In 2020 the two of us tried to keep the control component as high as the two of us could sit while the two of us were in the peak heating hours & the two of us saved some currency. But it was this past summer time that the two of us definitely hit our stride when it came to saving on HVAC cooling costs. This past summer time the two of us definitely incorporated a more overall strategy to HVAC utility savings. Sealing up the apartment & making sure there was no direct sunlight heating were additions to our control component settings. And looking back on it now, the two of us definitely saved some currency in the summer time of 2021.

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