My boys are all about wrestling competitions

For a long time, our boys have loved wrestling.

They typically get real crazy in the home office.

I didn’t mind it too much at first until they started going berserk and knocked delicate items from the mantle of the fireplace. They even knocked the smart temperature control off the wall, but they’re lucky that thing didn’t break. Honestly, I would have made them work to buy myself and others a current smart temperature control and I told them this. I decided to clear out the garage and I set up a wrestling ring inside of there. It’s not the most big ring around, but there’s plenty of space for them to have at it! At first they were saying it wasn’t comfortable enough in the garage, but after that I installed a ductless mini split. The reason why I chose that genre of Heating and Air Conditioning plan is because it’s highly energy efficient, low in cost, and it can be controlled via the smartphone since its a smart Heating and Air Conditioning system. Not only do our boys wrestle all the time now in the garage, but they invite all their friends as well. They have been having all sorts of wrestling contests, but I just told them all they better not be gambling because I don’t want any illegal interest going on at our home! The last thing I need is a bunch of minors drinking coors and making bets on athletic interesting competitions all in our garage. No, I typically make sure all the youngsters check in with their parents or they have no choice but to go home. I have to say though, it is comfortable in that garage now that the ductless mini split is in there!

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