My brother needed surgery

When my brother had sudden pain in his abdomen, I rushed him to the hospital right away.

  • We came to learn that he had kidney stones and they had to be removed right away.

So my brother went directly into surgery and I helped fill out the insurance forms. I kept telling the nurses to please adjust the temperature control settings but they kept ignoring me. Especially when my brother went into the surgery room, I told them he was going to be uncomfortable with the A/C cranked up so much. They finally told me they had certain temperature control settings for a reason and it was policy. They told me that he would be knocked out anyway, so he wasn’t going to feel anything or be in any discomfort. It was when he woke back up, then he would have to take pain medicine and slowly heal from the surgery. No surgery is an enjoyable time for whoever is getting the surgery, but same for the surgeons, they are not having a good time either. Well, they managed to get 10 kidney stones, which I thought was a lot. They told my brother that he should focus on a more healthy diet so he doesn’t get so much buildup in the future. He laughed and said he couldn’t make any promises, but he sure was glad that was over. I hope that I don’t have to deal with any complication like that, especially in a freezing hospital with the A/C system cranked so high. I can’t stand being in there, and I would hate to have to go into surgery.


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