My house will have quality air if I have something to say about it

When I finally put it all together, I was sort of stunned that I didn’t understand the deal with indoor air earlier.

I just didn’t know all that much about indoor air pollen levels at all.

To me, if there was heating and A/C unit running, then there was clean air inside. Honestly, until fairly recently, I thought air pollution was just for the outside air. In my head, air pollution came from factory smoke stacks and sizable diesel trucks. There wasn’t any air pollution in my house. And if there was anything bad in the air, well my paper based heating and A/C air filter caught it. I could see hints of dust and dirt on the heating and A/C air filters every time I changed them each week. So how could there possibly be indoor air pollution? See the twisted logic at play here? Well, there is absolutely such a thing as indoor air pollution and it’s referred to as exhausting indoor air pollen levels. And it comes from chemicals in fabrics, carpets and all sorts of other stuff in our homes. Additionally exhausting indoor air pollen levels comes from the outside air as well as pets and a host of other sources. When I became aware of all of this and how crucial it is to have great indoor air pollen levels when it comes to health and immune response, I did something. I called the heating and A/C business and I had a whole house air purification unit installed in my home. This plan does a great job because it eliminates all airborne contaminants using high intensity UV light.

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