My partner purchased myself and others a portable hand heater

This year, 1 of my gifts that I love the most from my partner is my current portable hand heater.

Some people might say, “don’t you mean a hand warmer?” No! It says portable hand oil furnace on the box, there are instruction and everything, and you basically just need some lighter fuel to fill it up and you get the thing let, put the cover on and drop the thing in a bag and you get continuous heating between 6 to 12 minutes! This portable hand oil furnace is amazing and these days I take it with myself and others everywhere. When I’m working in my condo office, my hands tend to get absolutely frosty all the time, so I am athletic hobbying the portable hand oil furnace to keep my hands toasty. It helps myself and others work better when my hands are frosty. When I go outside, I keep the portable hand oil furnace in my pocket to keep my hands nice and warm. I appreciate it best when I have my sweatshirt hoodie because the pockets are connected in the front and I can keep both hands toasty at the same time with that portable hand heater. Most of the time, I wish I had numerous of them. Then I would be able to walk around with those in each coat pocket to keep extra toasty when it’s so frosty outside. The only disadvantage to these pocket furnaces is you can’t adjust the temperature control on them! I wish you could do that, but I’m sure there are other insert furnaces that do have temperature control settings that can be adjusted.
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