My wife made a fantastic meal and we had perfect comfort in the house

My wife was asking me what I wanted for dinner the upcoming day, chicken or steak.

  • I was thinking that some steak subs sounded real good, but then she mentioned that she had this awesome new recipe for chicken.

She showed me the pictures and it was a special type of Hawaiian dish. It looked so delicious and she would need to marinate the chicken breasts with a special type of marinade. So I said we should try that because honestly it was making my mouth water. Then suddenly, the HVAC system broke down in the house. My wife was freaking out because it was cold outside and we needed the heating system to work. I tried to figure out what was wrong with the heating system. I turned the system off and observed everything and made sure there were no burning smells or anything strange. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary, but I realized I would have to call the HVAC company right away. I was lucky when the HVAC specialist was able to arrive that evening. It was actually his last house call for the day, and he said he was so glad that the day was done so he could go home and watch some basketball. With the heating system, he said it wasn’t even a major problem. He cleaned out the inner workings of the HVAC equipment and made sure the burners were clean. He said it was only the debris built up that had to be cleared out. I wish I would have thought of that, but I was glad because this guy was helpful. The next day our home was perfectly cozy and my wife made the best chicken dinner ever.



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