Needed HVAC help when I started working from home

When I started working from home, I decided to set up my office in the far corner of the office that we normally would use for storage purposes.

We even had food storage in there with various canned foods and such. Well, I made enough space to set up a desk and my computer along with my comfortable computer chair that my wife bought for me. I had a couple of issues when I started working; poor air quality and lacking heat from the gas furnace. The ductwork system was connected, so I wasn’t sure what the issue was. I never worried too much about the lack of comfort though before and I thought about what I should do. Because it was clearly some kind of issue with the HVAC system, I decided to call the HVAC company. When the HVAC professional got out to our home, he was able to discover the main complication right away. He said the ductwork system was really clogged up and it explained the poor air quality in my office as well. The air quality also could have been better in other parts of the house, but it seemed most of the dust was accumulating towards my office ductwork. I ended up having the professional do ductwork cleaning. He also recommended that I install a UV air purification system, so I went for that as well. When he was done, I was suddenly getting more even temperatures in my office and the air quality improved a great deal with the addition of the UV air purification system.

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