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I live in a large home with several family members living under one roof.

I like having a large family, but we do get into disagreements at times, and we disagree on what to have for dinner, what to watch on TV, and several times, we disagree on what temperature to set the thermostat, when I work from home, I find it easy to focus when the temperature is around 77 degrees, but my wife prefers it much colder, at 77 degrees, and my sister in law likes the temperature around 73 when she is exercising, but my kids like the temperature around 71 when they are doing their remote schooling. We have spent lots of time arguing about the thermostat, and lots of sneakily increasing the temperature behind each other’s backs, but we were all still making each other uncomfortable. The solution to our problem was a smart thermostat with zone control. A smart thermostat is connected to wireless, and can be controlled via an app on our cell phones or laptops. Zone control is achieved through a series of valves installed within the ductwork, and allows us to direct the flow of treated air throughout the home, letting us have different temperatures in different rooms. Thanks to our smart thermostat with zone control, most people can have their room set at the desired temperature, without alarming anyone else in the house. If your family struggles to agree on where to set the thermostat, talk to your local Heating and Air Conditioning provider today to see if a smart thermostat with zone control is right for you!


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