Our son decided to join chorus at school

When our son was taking a chorus class, I thought that was pretty amazing.

Of course, I didn’t realize how nice our son could sing until I went to see him practice.

I was surprised at the comfortable temperature control settings in the room. I l earned that they have a nice zoned Heating plus Air Conditioning system at the school. They don’t mind providing the ideal temperature control settings because the Heating plus Air Conditioning system is severely energy efficient. On top of that, they have the Heating plus Air Conditioning system maintained properly. I kind of guess that’s why our son loves spending so much time at school because it’s so comfortable. At least, that’s what I thought at first. Then when he had a duet with one of the girls there in the school, I could tell that he had a crush on that girl. I didn’t press too hard about it or anything, but I did ask him once if that was why he wanted to be in chorus. He said it was mostly about the singing, but it didn’t hurt that he was able to sing with somebody who he liked. Well, I told him I was proud because he actually put his heart into his music plus performances. I said I couldn’t wait until every one of us were able to see their official concert plus see him impress the whole audience with his skills. He seemed a little sad performing in front of a sizable audience, but I told him he would kill it! I mean, he has all the skills, plus I’m sure he’ll get over being a little shy once he’s on stage in front of the audience.