Our son is excited about getting his own room and temperature control unit

It was plenty of work setting up a couple of new rooms in the attic space.

With a growing family, we just needed all that extra space.

While in the process though, I wanted to call in the HVAC professionals to extend the ductwork system into the attic space. Upon inspection of the rooms and the HVAC system, they said they could not extend the ductwork. I was unsure what they were getting at and then they explained. I was told that the HVAC system was not sized properly for the additional space and it would struggle and end up dying prematurely. It would also cause huge energy usage spikes and I definitely didn’t want that. The HVAC professionals suggested that I install a ductless mini split in the attic space. They said it would have HVAC zone control for both rooms for customized temperatures and if I was using the rooms for guests, it would be perfect. Well, we went for it and they were right, the ductless mini splits were amazing. I worked to finish the rest of the room making sure the drywall was taken care of, the mudding, and the painting. It was a little bit of a hassle, but I must say, the rooms are looking fantastic now. The thing is, we just never stored much stuff up in the attic and I thought it would be nice to have a couple of rooms up there. Given, there is the one staircase and door going into the attic, but the two rooms now have their own doors respectively for comfort and privacy. One room is going to be occupied by our eldest son and he’s already excited about having his own temperature control unit.

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