Outdoor job makes HVAC all the more important at home

For sure, I wouldn’t trade my job for some desk in a zone controlled HVAC office building. That sort of thing my kill me anyway. I’m just not built to be inside doing work at a desk or going to meetings that bore me out of my skull. Luckily, I realized this about myself quite young and simply followed my passion for landscape design. Now, that’s what I do. And while there is an office, it’s pretty much occupied by my partner in business and life. My wife runs that end of the business while I’m outside doing my thing. Though I love being outside, it can be tough when the elements are against you. The winter and the summer come to mind. There are plenty of times that I’m just freezing and all I can think of is coming home to our home and the gas furnace. Same goes for the summer. By the time I’ve finished the workday, all I can think about is a cool glass of iced tea in the HVAC cooling of my living room. So to make sure that is the case, I’ve always insisted upon having quality heating and air in our home. The latest incarnation of that quality heating and air now includes a smart thermostat and the highest SEER rating on the market. While I love my heating and cooling, I also like to make sure that it’s the most efficient as well. No need spend more than I have to on quality heating and air. And the smart thermostat keeps the house right where I want it no matter the season without me doing anything.



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