Riding my bike is a beneficial workout

I make sure to exercise every day for about an hour.

I try to change up the style of workout everyday, but it sometimes gets repetitive.

I tend to jump rope for cardio, go through lunges for strength training and make sure to finish with ab crunches. Today, I decided I needed something different in order to get motivated. Because the weather was mild, I was able to ride my bike. I have a basket on the bike that allows me to bring along a sweat towel. I also have holsters for my phone, wireless speaker and water bottle. Listening to music while pedaling is so enjoyable. I am fortunate to have easy access to a bike path that is paved, winds through the woods and extends for nearly sixty miles in either direction. I chose the twenty-minute ride to reach the athletic field. I used a higher gear and pedaled very quickly to increase the intensity of the workout. I could feel the exertion in my legs. Once I arrived at the field, I took the time to thoroughly stretch and loosen up my muscles. I then used the sidewalk to run wind sprints. I managed to work my lungs, elevate my heart rate and generate a good sweat. I was breathing hard and exhausted after twenty minutes. I then hopped back on my bike and rode home. The entire workout lasted around an hour and a half and I loved every minute of it. It felt so good to breathe fresh air and push myself. Riding my bike is definitely one of my most beneficial workouts.

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