The animals are actually going to get climate control

I have to hand it to our wife and daughter because they legitimately put action behind their principles. And for that, it makes it easier to not kick back in the air conditioner when I come to the beach house from work and instead supply them a hand. These two ladies are almost single handedly making a big difference in the stray pet and pet situation in our community. It all started when our wife started bringing a few pets that she found wandering around without tags or anything. She relocated some with owners who’d lost them and found current homes for the others. She became so well known for this in our community that folks just started bringing us all the wayward pets they had found. And that ended up being a houseful of cats and pets. This got to be more than our home and the heating and air conditioning device could handle. There was just so much fur, hair and dander that we had to do something. I was changing the air filter almost every 10 days just to keep the heating and air conditioning device from being choked out with all the pet hair. Finally, with help from the community and the local heating and air conditioning business, we were able to put on an addition just for the pets. Our local heating and air conditioning corporation even donated a ductless heat pump for heating and cooling in the current building. Now the pets have their own section and our heating and air conditioning device for the rest of the home doesn’t have to deal with all the fur. And I can occasionally kick back in the heating and air conditioning after a task again.



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