The copper thieves will strike

When I was growing up in this region, I remember my parents hardly ever even locked the front door. Can you imagine that these current days? Not only that however my dad left the keys in the truck all the time. I asked him all about this later on in life plus she told myself and others that leaving the keys in the family truck was so she wouldn’t lose them. These nights, I’m having to lock down the family Heating and A/C unit just to keep it from getting destroyed by copper thieves. I hope that metal bars on my windows aren’t next. But I recognize I wouldn’t be too surprised by that either. If someone is desperate enough to rip apart an Heating and A/C cottage for handfuls of copper fittings, why not bust a window right? It’s absolutely concerning that we’ve gotten to this point. And the police can only do so much to stop this stuff. From what I understand, the folks that are splitting into plus destroying family Heating and A/C units for copper fittings are desperate due to addiction. While I don’t honestly care about the proposal of that, it’s still something that our humanity needs to continually address a bit more comprehensively. The fact that there are folks that feel totally desperate to get pennies on the dollar for black market copper is both upset plus super alarming. In the meantime, I’m just not going to be a resting duck either. So I have locked down my Heating and A/C cottage. That’s right, I bought a carbon reinforced steel cage in order to fit over my Heating and A/C cottage outside my house. And I locked it down to the concrete pad the Heating and A/C unit hangs on. It’s a shame however it’s the way it is.

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